tooth colored fillings


Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings That Match Your Teeth

Composite dental fillings restore your tooth structure. The tooth-colored material provides a simple, less invasive restorative dentistry treatment.


Preserve your tooth structure

Composite dental fillings bond to the surface of your tooth. The treatment eliminates time consuming tooth preparation that’s common with standard metal fillings.

Only the decayed or damaged areas of your tooth are necessary to remove in preparation for your composite filling. The tooth-colored materials create a healthy tooth structure that bond directly to the pores of your tooth surface.


Effective on all your tooth surfaces

Traditional fillings have a limited application. Composite material is effective on the inside or outside of your tooth surfaces.

Tooth-colored fillings can also be applied on your gum line, on a premolar, on a molar’s chewing surface, or between your front teeth. They are effective for replacing silver fillings and enhancing your appearance in the process as well.


Ask your Restorative Dentist in Deerfield Beach about tooth-colored dental fillings.