dental implants


A Dependable and Long Lasting Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants from your Deerfield Beach dentist are a functional and natural-looking solution for your tooth loss. The treatment is durable and long-lasting compared with other tooth replacement options.


For your single tooth loss

A dental implant fills the gap that remains when you lose one of your teeth. Your implant forms a new tooth root that anchors to your bone tissue and supports visible porcelain crown.


An option for multiple tooth loss

Losing multiple teeth can create a risk to your surrounding teeth. An implant supported bridge is a common solution for the loss of more than one tooth.

Your implant supported bridge attaches to a dental implant on each side of your mouth. Dental crowns create the chewing surface of your bridge.

Dental implants are supportive and functional like your natural teeth. Implant supported bridges can also replace more of your teeth than a traditional dental bridge.


Contact your Deerfield Beach Restorative Dentist to discuss your tooth replacement options including dental implants.