dental extractions


Improve Your Dental Health and Get Relief from Pain

Dental extractions can give you relief from pain and improve your oral health. Oral surgery is often necessary when you have tooth decay, gum disease, are in need of orthodontic treatment, or have impacted wisdom teeth.


Your comfort is a priority

Dental extractions in the office of your Deerfield Beach dentist are designed to be a comfortable procedure. You are provided anesthetic options to assure your comfort.


Prevent more serious dental issues

It is common for your wisdom teeth to require a dental extraction. An extraction is also effective when your teeth are overcrowded due to a tooth that doesn’t develop properly.

Your broken or decayed teeth and advanced gum disease can benefit from a dental extraction as well. The procedure prevents further damage from infection.


Contact your dentist in Deerfield Beach about your tooth pain. Schedule a dental exam to determine if a dental extraction is a solution.