crown & bridge


Natural Looking Dental Treatment for Improved Function

Dental crowns and dental bridges enhance your appearance and tooth function. The treatment provides you a natural looking appearance that repairs your damaged or decayed teeth.


Dental treatment that matches and improves your current teeth

Dental crowns blend with your surrounding teeth. Your crown helps reshape and align your teeth as it restores damage from decay or tooth loss.


Fill tooth gaps and eliminate tooth movement

Dental bridges fill your tooth gaps. They also help prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment.


Restore your tooth function and improve your lifestyle

Dental crowns and dental bridges enable to you speak and chew properly. They are an effective preventive treatment for the damage caused by tooth decay and the loss of gum tissue.

Choose your dental crown crafted from porcelain fused to metal (PFM), ceramic, or gold. Each provides you a strong and attractive option.


Schedule a consultation with your dentist in Deerfield Beach. Ask about treatment with dental crowns and dental bridges.